うちの夫、よく花を買って帰ってきます。ロマンチックなフランス人らしく、「For you♡」とでも言っているかのような顔で差し出してきます。
My husband often comes back home with a flower.
He offers it with a face as if he’s saying “For you♡” like romantic French.

I was delighted, thinking “that’s very kind, he really is special”. But since he buys it every time it withers, I told him that he didn’t have to buy it so often. He said it’s for me, but there seems to be another reason

“It feels good to have flowers in the room”


私より女子力高めやーーーん(゚Д゚;) ??
He has more feminine touch than I do! (゚Д゚;) ??

Of course, I’ve bought flowers for someone as a resent, but I’ve never bought flowers for myself or to decollate our interior…

Like every day, I was taking care of the flower and changing the water as to sweep away my guiltiness for not buying them. We had Lilies on that day. My hand touched the petals when I lifted the vase, and the pollen fell on the table….

Oh I did it…..I can’t pick it up completely even I if wipe them off with a tissue. I wiped them again, but this time with a wet tissue without any doubt.

(ToT) (゚Д゚;)―――――??

It’s only making things worse!! The orange color of the pollen spreads and it’s become a stain!!

Me in a panic.
Oh! I have an internet! (People of today google everything)

“When pollen get a stain on your clothes, wall, carpet, you can remove them with adhesive tape or vacuum cleaner. Things you should not do is sweeping by hand or tissues. And the worst thing to do is sweeping with a wet tissue or wet clothe.”

やってしまったらどうしたらいいの!?教えてー? またググる。
Yes, I’ve already done this…. What should I do!? Tell me? Google again.

“If you’ve got a stain on your clothes, you can use acetone, remover, or absolute ethanol to remove it.”

Not on the clothe but on the table! Wooden! Moreover, there is no remover at home, and no chemicals something called acetone or absolute ethanol?
Google again.

「ゆりの花粉 落とし方 染み抜き 木製テーブル」と打っても答えが書いた記事が出てこない。
“プラスティックのテーブルにできた染みを消しゴムでこすったら完全ではないが染みが取れた” というページを発見。
The article with the answer doesn’t appear even if I put “Lilly pollen, how to remove, stain remove, wooden table”
I found the page written “The stain on the plastic table almost got removed by eraser”.I have an eraser at home so I can try it. If it doesn’t work, I go to the store to get remover.

It worked! Amazing!!✨
(Thank you google)

(This naughty Lilly…)
I thought to myself.  I keep the voice of my heart quiet.

In general, pollen seems to be covered with sticky substance. The substance that constitutes the sticky material depend on flowers, and Lilly pollen is composed of lipids, which means fat. Now I understand that it’s hard to remove.
This is to make it easier for the insects to get the pollen on their bodies for transportation, and also for the pollen to stick on the pistil where it can be found by the latter!

Lilies live every day to the fullest.
Yes, I am to blame for it.

It was a day I learned a lot ?

By the way, the stain on my hands came off with toothpaste.

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